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Selasa, 08 April 2008

Speech Contest: The Role of Youth/Young Generation

The honorable judges,
Dear my beloved friends,
And ladies also gentlemen,
Asslamu’alaikum wr. Wb.
Firstly, all praises be to Allah, the God who create human being and teaches them knowledge and languages. May peace be always on our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from darkness to the modern life.
Ladies and gentlemen …..
It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to deliver a speech on the subject of the role of Youths (student) in the era of National development.
Let me star by informing you that we are facing the modern era that full of challenges. We, as youth generation, have no choice except to be brave in facing the challenges. Concerning the fact, let us improve our knowledge, let us study hard. We know that education should be the first priority. It is the base need, so that it can not be bargained. With a good and serious education, we will be a good, ethos, reliable and professional generation.
Ladies and gentlemen …..
Nowadays, societies do need the help (service) of educated and generous people, who are able to speak up and make innovation. Therefore, they can help the societies quickly, accurately, generously, and interestingly.
We may not be too slow, too easy going, think about nothing, waiting for the miracle down from the sky. Let us be motivated. Let us be ready to study, struggle, and reach for achievement, so that we can be good smart honest and polite generation.
Honorable judges and my beloved friends ……
As we are still young, use our time as well as possible. Never put of what you can do today until tomorrow. The wise man said “TIME IS SWORD”. It means that if we use the time well, we will feel happy and peace. On the contrary, if we do not use the time well, the time will kill us. Therefore, our time will be useless. The sharp (keen) sword that we hold as the weapon will kill ourselves because we don’t use it well. Out of concern, we are getting older, getting weaker, finally die without anything.
Ladies and gentlemen ……..
The Prophet also said:
Keep five things before another five come. One of the five is: keep your youth before you get old. The hadith is very suitable for our guidance. We may not be proud of our youth soul that use the time freely with the reason we are still young. That is absolutely wrong reason.
There is Indonesian proverb “KELAPA MUDA KUPAS-KUPASIN KELAPA TUA TINGGAL BATOKNYA” (waktu muda puas-puasin waktu tua tinggal tongkaknya) (FRESH COCONUT TO BE PARED, OLD COCONUT LEAVES ITS HUSK, till young reach for satisfaction, getting old gain nothing)
My beloved friend …….
The development of country depends on its generation. If we have good generation, we will have a good country. If we have bad generation, we will have bad country. So, reach the knowledge more and more. Make your dream come true. Ask not what your country can for you, but ask what you can do for your country.
Ladies and gentlemen …
In conclusion, I would like to remind us to study hard and let us give our best to our county. God willing, our lovely country – Indonesia – in the future become a good country with good societies and full of prosperity……..
Thank you!
Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.

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