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Selasa, 08 April 2008

Introduction of Salmony

Let's improve our english mastery here!

Hello Guys,
Nice to meet you through this media. This is relly a good chance for me to practice my poor English here. Thank God, one day Mr. Iksan, my colleague, introduced me about this...let's say "game". I was wondered "what was it about?"
Frankly spekaing, I'm blank about this "world". Anyway, it's not a mistake i think if i JUST wanna try.

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb

To all The Honorabble Judges,
My Brothers and Sisters, and the Happy Audiences,
No others words I should say for the first time but "Alhamdullillahirabbil'almien" All the Praises belongs to Allah, The Lord of this universe. Cause it's simply due to His Mercy and Bless so that I can be here in this place to take part in this competition to win the champion of Speech Contest.
And the second, Shalawat and Salam be upon our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, who has brought us from the "Jahiliyah Era" to the moment which is full of "Hidayah". And hopefully we will always get this "Hidayah', Amien!
All happy Audience and the honorable Judges, allow me to stand here to deliver my speech on "The Role of Students in The Era of National Development"
Students or the young generation is the hope of the nation. "Subbaanulyaum Rijaalulghood". What does this statement mean? It means that we are responsible for the glory of our country in the future time. The responsibility is "here", on our shoulders. If we are not well-prepared, if we are not well-educated, we will not be able to maintain this country as an independent country.
Well all happy audiences,
So the question is "What should we, as students, do to maintain our country's freedom and to develop the nation? Well my Brothers and Sisters, I have three answers to share with you all. And this is the answer of my question above. The first is READING, the second is READING and the third is also READING.
Come on, let's have a look at Singapore (country). We know that Singaporean life style is very different from ours. They use their leisure times for reading a book. Not like our habit. We use our leisure time just for playing games or watching TV. So no wonder if Singapore can "defeat" Indonesia from the economic aspect. It's not a wonder if Indonesia, according to "Human index report United Nations Program 2001", is placed for the 106th number from 109 nominations. Indonesia is left behind so far from Singapore and Malaysia, our closest neighbors.
"How can this happen so?", the answer is because Indonesia society are very lazy to read books. If you ask anyone in this country which one they prefer to buy: BOOKS or CILOOX, most people would likely prefer the later (CILOOX). They don't realize the important of reading and the role of knowledge for their own, either as individual or as societies. No wonder if Indonesia just become a poor country, just become the consumer for other products, become the imitators only.
So once again my Brothers and Sisters, in the end of my speech I'd like to underline that the role of students for the national development is very important (as) to be the next leaders of the country. So making preparation to be good students is very important, too. And one way to become good students is by READING a lot. So come on, READ ! READ ! and READ! Don't by CILOOX, but please buy some BOOKS, OK?

Wassalamu'alaikum wr. Wb.

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