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Selasa, 08 April 2008


The most wanted people by the Heaven

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most merciful
Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.
All the praises and thanks be to Allah the lord of 'Alamien, (mankind, jinns, and all that exists) and peace be upon Muhammad SAW, the last of the prophets and upon his brothers Prophets and messengers and upon his family, his companions and whoever follows him with benevolence until the Day of Resurrection.
It's really a great chance and an honor for me to speak before you all, moreover this program is widely spread on air by the ………. Radio broadcasting. I do give all my respects and appreciation to the leading committee of this program. Bravo the International English Program of Purwokerto. It's great indeed.
Well all the audience and listeners wherever you are, let me start my short preaching with the title "The most wanted people by the Heaven or Paradise"
Alright listeners, do you know that The Heaven is always longing for four kinds of people? This is based on the Al-hadists: "Al-jannatu mustaqaatun li arbang nafarini". Who are they?
Taalil Qur'an
The ones who like to read al-Qur'an.
Rasul SAW said: "The best among you is the man who learns Al-Quaran and teach it to others", "Khoirukum man ta'allamal quran wa 'allamahu". In the other alhadits Rasul said, "A-mu'min who reads Alqur'an is just like the fruit limau (orange) . The fruit is besides delicious, it is fragrant as well, and the believers (al-mu'min) who never reads Al-Qu'ran is like the fruit of date (kurma), it has no fragrance though it tastes sweet."
Khaafidzul lisaan
The ones who keep his mouth.
Well my Brothers and Sisters, as the saying goes, "The tongue is boneless". Ya, it has no bone. That's why it easily gets slipped, it sometimes uncontrollable, from gossiping (talking about other's bad sides), telling something lie (telling things which are untrue).
Another wise words also remind us that the tongue is sharper than swords. It means that we have to keep it as good as possible, otherwise we will be in danger or bring others into a danger. A very big war can only be based simply on a misleading provocation. Javanese people also say, "Esuk kedele, sore dadi tempe", Yup, doesn't it really make sense, because the mouth really like to be "manca-mencle." ? So Brothers and Sisters, please, watch your mouth. Be careful with it!
Muth'imul jiingaan
The ones who feed up those who are starving, the hungry people.
The prophet Muhammad also said, "They won't never enter Paradise those who can enjoy the fasting break satisfactorily, while their next door neighbour are starving from hunger. That's really ironic, when our table are full of so many various of delicious food, but on the other hand, our neighbour are fighting against the feeling of hunger. It means that we are dancing above other's misery. So our care of the others will really be appreciated by the God. It will be repaid much by Allah SWT. That is Al-Jannah
In the other explanation, the sentence "Mut'imul jiingaan", also means "Helping those who are in need of our help. Not in the mean of food only, but also for other needs of life.
Assooimu Romadloon
The ones who do the fasting during Romadloon.
My happy brothers and Sisters, and all listeners, there are double delights for people who do fasting of Ramadlon; first during the time they break the fasting, and the second is the delight when the God provides us with Paradise as the reward. This is what has been said by our prophet Muhammad SAW. Just imagine dear friends, we have already proved one delight, that is when we enjoy our fasting. Right? So now, let's hope the second delight by doing our fasting as what has been required by the God. Fasting in which we are not only keeping our mouth from eating and drinking, but from all others disgusting words, such as gossiping, cheating, murmuring, provoking, and the others. Let's make our fasting be a qualified fasting so that we would be the qualified persons for entering the special gate in the Paradise. You know what? There would a special gate or door for those who did fasting during the month of Ramadlon in a correct and acceptable way. That Gate named "Baabu Ar-Royyaan". Be sure that the gate will sing for us and all happy listeners ……."Welcome to my paradise………..my paradise………"
Thanks for your attention
Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.

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