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Selasa, 08 April 2008


1. The Role of Prayer in Building Islamic Brotherhood

Dear my Brothers and Sisters
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Assalamu 'alaikum war. Wab.
First, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude the God The Almighty by saying "Alhamdulillahirrabbil'alamien" that up to the moment time we are still given the chance to develop and to mend ourselves in many aspects. Including to give some contributions to our society.
My dear Brothers and Sisters,
The advancement and the modernity of this era, which brings so much positive things for our lives, will of course be accompanied by the negatives things. And this negatives things, if we do not give any concern on it, will also cause some misery in the end of our lives, either in the world or here after. That’s why, my beloved brothers and sisters and all the respected audiences, in the very first part of my speech, allow me to remind us that we should always afraid of Allah and do whatever He orders us to do, and avoid whatever Allah forbids us to do. By so doing, Insya Allah we shall always be under His Refuge and Sanctuary and live in happiness and peace until we are entering the next living.
My Brothers and Sisters, in accordance with some advances of our lives which we have got, we are supposed to thanks to the God by increasing the quality of our "Ibadah" to the God, very specially dealing with performing five obligatory prayers. Whatever problem we are facing, in any conditions and under any circumstances we are in.
Anyway My Brothers and Sisters, it's so unfortunate that nowadays we can see the appearance of a symptom showing an ignorance toward the order of performing Assholaat. Some people do it only in term of breaking down the obligation. They haven't done it seriously as their own needs. Even tragically, many people are making a play with it. They do prayer only as their will. In Javaness term "Sa kobere dewe". They don't remember that Allah SWT has said in the Holly Al-quran, surah Al-Ma'un verse 4 and 5, "Wailul lil musollien, alladzienahum 'ansholaatihim saahuun".
The meaning is: "So woe unto those performers of prayers, who delay their prayers from it stated fixed times"

Well My Brothers and Sisters, all beloved Moslems. To get away from the bad and dangerous symptom above, in this golden opportunity I would really be glad to introduce to you all about my today's speech with the title;
" The Role of Prayer (Assholaat) in Building Islamic Brotherhood and civilized society", in the hope that we get more intrigued to perform As-sholaat wholeheartedly.
In this study we are supposed to have a look at As-sholaat from many dimensions; sociology, education, and policy, realizing the width of the secret of As-sholaat itself.
As-sholaat plays five main roles in supporting the process of building up Islamic brotherhood in our lives. They are:
As-sholaat teaches people to have clean body and soul, teach us to get away from all that are dirty. Teach people to be healthy mentally and physically.
As we all know that As-sholaat requires the performers to take bath and take a perfect ablution as what 'ilmu fiqih teaches us. This clearly shows us that The God asks us to be away from all bad attitude which may blacken our hearts, to be away from all disgusting deeds which may create chaos in our society, may cause trouble and disharmony among the societies. And finally breaking the brotherhood among us.
As-sholaat teaches us to be discipline and diligent. Because the time for performing As-sholaat has been fixed. Each of the five compulsory prayers has their own times, from Shubuh until 'Isa. The movement of prayer also has been determined in such away so that we may not do it as we like. The reading has also been determined. So the implementation of performing As-sholaat or prayers, especially in congregational prayer, indeed teaches us the harmony and the discipline. It also shows us the obedience of "mamum" or followers toward their "imam" or leader. And in congregational prayer, there is no priority. There is no rule stating that only the rich people may stand in the front rows, nor the rule stating that the lay man must stand in the back rows. No – no. All are the same. And this way is meant that we must tighten up our "Shaf" to be strong and unbreakable union. Our brotherhood is without any limit.
As-sholaat teaches us to be smart and knowledgeable. This can be seen from the obligation for memorizing the reading of prayers, including the prayers for "dzikir" having correlation with As-sholaat. As-sholaat must also be done in sober condition. No sholaat for drunken people. It must be done with high awareness and full concentration. This case obliges us to look for knowledge as high as we could, and being aware of our responsibility to the God, to ourselves and to the society where we live.
As-sholaat teaches us to love the beauty and cleanliness, and to be diligent in earning the living. Allah SWT orders us to build a mosque and orders us to wear good and best clothes we have when we go to the mosque. Here, we can see clearly that the God wants us not to be lazy people, but obliges us to be hard workers in fulfilling our need as individual person as well as being part of the society.
As-sholaat teaches people to have high level of morality and solidarity. As-sholaat is a set of prayers and movement which is started with "Takbirotul ikhroom" and ended by "Salaam". Takbirotul ikhrom is how we, as human being and as the creature of the God, engage vertical relation. How we praise our God, Allah SWt, the Almighty, how we feel small under His mastery, how we would devote our As-sholaat, our ibadaat, our soul and our body, our lives and our death simply for the sake of Allah, The Great, only Him alone in our whole lives.
Then it's ended with "salaam" by turning to the right and left. Symbolizing horizontal relationship among us, as the creature of the God. This really shows us the great respect and solidarity and brotherhood among human being.

Well My Brothers and Sisters, summing up then, in the end of my speech, I'd like just to emphasize that it's been perfectly clear that As-sholaat really-really gives the uncountable contribution to our lives, in creating the brotherhood among us, among Moslems, among the human being, even among all the creature in this world, for this life. The life in the world even in here after. "Fiddunyaana walaakhirootina."

Wassalamu'alaikum war. wab.


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